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Dallas Spine Surgeons


Our Dallas spine surgeons are board certified in spine surgery and educated in the most innovative, state-of-the-art, minimally invasive laser technologies on the market. We also perform a comprehensive list of spine procedures tailored to each patient's specific condition and never take a one-size-fits-all approach. At Spine Treatment Centers of Texas, little things make a big difference. Your pain ends here.

Utilizing world-class technologies and highly-advanced microscopic tools, our innovative laser techniques allow for:

Less Anesthesia - Due to the size of our incisions and our ability to use lasers to treat the source of your pain, very little anesthesia is needed and usually only locally.

Less Recovery Time - Patients often walk out of the surgery center in as little as two hours after the procedure.

Less Trauma - Pioneering laser spine techniques without muscle damage that often require NO stitches.

Less Blood Loss - Less blood loss and less trauma mean a much quicker recovery for you and your body.

Less Scarring - Often requiring only a bandage for healing, our minimally invasive procedures leave you with virtually no scar tissue so you can enjoy an active lifestyle once again.

How to select a Dallas spine surgeon?


If your pain has finally gotten bad enough that you’re considering spine surgery to help relieve your pain, we have a list of questions you might want to ask a spine surgeon to ensure that the surgeon is the right person to do your Dallas spine surgery.

Questions before choosing surgery:

  • What is the specific anatomic lesion being addressed?

  • What is the natural course of the condition if left untreated?

  • Why does the surgeon recommend this specific procedure?

  • What are the alternatives to surgery?

  • What is the risk/benefit ratio (the chance of a bad outcome as weighed against the chance of a good outcome)?

  • Can I talk to other patients who have had a similar procedure?

  • What are the long-term consequences of the proposed procedure (if a fusion is being contemplated, will it lead to additional problems at the level above)?

Questions about the Dallas spine surgeon:

  • How many of the recommended procedures does the surgeon do a year?

  • Is the surgeon fellowship trained? (Note that this is especially important for a fusion)

  • Who will be assisting the surgeon?

Questions after electing surgery:

  • What will the procedure entail?

  • What are the risks and possible complications and how are they treated?

  • How will I feel after the surgery?

  • How many days will I spend in the hospital?

  • What is the expected postoperative course (such as physical therapy, time to return to work, return to full activity)?

At the first consultation, your spine surgeon should recommend a second visit, giving you time to think about your options and write down additional questions.

In general, your Dallas spine surgeon should be educational, describe the risks/benefits and possible implications of the surgery he/she is recommending, and state the reason for the specific type of surgery. If the spine surgeon is not open to your questions, you should consider choosing another surgeon.



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