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More and more people are seeking the advice of orthopedic surgeons because of obesity and their back pain. A recent survey shows that 87% of spine care professionals agree that obesity plays one of the most significant roles in back pain. The majority of those specialists also recommend weight loss as a treatment option for obese patients. Patients who are able to lose the weight find a significant improvement in back pain as a direct result of the weight loss.

The three most common diagnoses in obese patients include degenerative disc disease, which includes wear and tear of the disc itself; spondylolisthesis, which is a slippage in the lower back from wear and tear; and a disc rupture or herniation. Obese patients are also at an increased risk of developing spondylolysis, a fracture in the vertebrae, and spinal stenosis, which is narrowing of the spinal canal.

Physical activity is extremely important and the most often prescribed treatment for spine health since back joints and discs rely on motion to keep them healthy. Overweight patients often suffer from muscle atrophy due to inactivity which worsens back symptoms and problems. Physicians are encouraging patients who suffer from morbid obesity to take their lifestyles seriously.

Eating right, staying active and taking better care of yourself is a good way to stay healthy and manage your weight, but for some of us, that is easier said than done. Many people have tried every option to lose weight and still find themselves struggling to not gain more. For some people, weight loss surgery can be an option. There are several types of  surgical procedures, and it is up to the individual to research these options and find the one that is right for them.

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