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Importance of Pain Management


One of the most distressing symptoms of any disease is PAIN. However, many people do not report their pain or seek treatment for it. The pain may be short-lived or long lasting, mild or severe, and have a variety of different causes. Each patients pain is unique. Therefore, patients must have a treatment plan that addresses their individual needs depending on their type of pain. The more you know about your pain, the more you can help your caregivers plan the best treatment for you.


Pain management is one of the most important aspects of care for lower back pain sufferer. As with all health care issues, get  qualified medical opinion regarding any suggested treatments. Pain management is a medical specialty. You have the right to obtain an opinion from a physician who specializes in pain management if your own physician seems unable or unwilling to provide adequate control for your pain.


Neck Pain


Four of five adults experience significant back or neck pain during their lives. In fact, back pain is the fifth leading cause of visits to doctors in the U.S. But with the right care, about 90% of back pain patients improve within four to six weeks


When you get injured or have surgery, you expect to hurt for a while, but you know that in time, you'll heal and the pain will leave. If you have a medical condition from arthritis to heart disease to shingles you recognize discomfort as a symptom and trust that treatment will help. While you wait for your body to mend, pain medication provides relief.

Chronic Back Pain


Chronic pain is different. Sometimes, it's an aftereffect of an injury that appears to have healed. Sometimes, it's a lingering symptom of a past illness. And in some cases, chronic pain develops out of the blue, with no link to trauma or disease. However you try to explain it, chronic pain is something of a mystery. Tests and examinations may uncover nothing abnormal, but your body's distress is real.


Over time, physical pain takes an emotional toll, making your body hurt even more. Anxiety magnifies unpleasant sensations, and sleep problems leave you feeling weak and helpless.


When you have chronic pain, it can dominate your thinking, sometimes in ways that aren't obvious. To become informed about your condition, for instance, you may spend a lot of time monitoring pain-related publications and Internet newsgroups. Of course it's important to understand what's happening to your body and perhaps connect with people who have similar problems. But constantly reading and talking about pain keeps you focused on what's wrong when you could be finding ways to build on everything that's still right.


Persistence, poor response to treatment, unknown cause, sleep disruption and emotional fallout these are the hallmarks of chronic pain. And the longer you've had it, the less likely it will be to disappear, whatever you do. But chronic pain doesn't have to rule your life.


Pain Management


Our approach promotes comprehensive treatment that addresses physical, as well as emotional aspects that encompass chronic back pain conditions. We will help find the best treatment for pain control so that our patients can experience the best possible quality of life.

Pain management is a growing field that uses techniques from many different branches of medicine to control pain and improve the quality of life for chronic pain sufferers. The blending of many different treatment approaches creates the best balance of medications, activity management, and injection techniques to minimize your pain and increase your quality of life.

Pain Management Techniques


Our experienced staff of medical professionals are skilled in the latest techniques and medical procedures for pain management and have access to sophisticated diagnostic equipment in the medical community for pain management in Houston and San Antonio. We are specialists in pain evaluation and pain management. You can trust our professional staff of nurses and administrative assistants to handle your injury with care to ensure your safety and well-being. At The Highland Pain Institute we want you to know that we are here to serve you in any way we can for your pain management.









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